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Patrycja Maksymowicz

Patrycja's entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 17, and she brings over thirty years of experience in strategic growth, entrepreneurship, operations, and leadership.

Her experience as a Strategic Market Planner and Tech Commercialisation Specialist has helped dozens of startups and scaleups grow. Significant accomplishments include scaling a physical business from 190 clients to 5,000; or scaling another from two branches to six, resulting in significant market penetration and revenue growth.

Patrycja has played an instrumental role in nurturing ecosystems across the UK as Chapter Director at Startup Grind, the founder of the London Business Academy and now also Raising the Bar (RTB LDN). She has developed impactful partnerships with key institutions, academia, corporates, and startups.

Her collaborations with industry giants like Lego, BMW, Pirelli, and Scania underscores her capacity to leverage expertise and networks for impactful projects.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, she has made significant contributions the education industry. She pioneered the development of bilingual and multilingual teaching curricula for children in Poland, demonstrating her commitment to fostering linguistic diversity and educational innovation.

With numerous accreditations, certifications, and prestigious awards under her belt, she also holds degrees from Poznan University and the University of Warsaw.


Mauro Romaldini

Mauro has helped 10+ privately owned companies raise $150+ million in debt bonds in the international market and improved their financial management—including cash management and forecasting.

He has created, managed, and improved the financial processes and forecasts for startups, mid-size companies, and large corporations (HP).

He has an MBA at HEC, France’s top business school, and he is a certified management accountant by CIMA. Deep international experience having lived and worked in the UK, USA, Switzerland, France, Italy and Brazil, able to speak English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.


Guillaume Catella 

Guillaume is a born technopreneur who has been CEO and CTO of multiple startups in Fintech, EdTech, e-commerce, gaming and music.

Across 12 years of experience in tech, Guillaume founded a music platform, launched an ambitious mobile J-RPG game in Korea, co-founded an ecommerce in Singapore and founded Creatella Venture Builder that helped launching 40 innovative tech startups in SEA and Europe, raising over 40M usd across their portfolio. Guillaume also mentored for the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium, is an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, a mentor to the Covid19 INSEAD Competition and mentor to Nana Bianca, an Italian VC.

Guillaume obtained his engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France, followed by a Master in Nuclear Engineering and Quantum Physics from the University of Tohoku in Japan. He went on to obtain his MBA at INSEAD in Singapore with an exchange to Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.