Sclr Labs


Here are some more frequently asked questions we get asked:

1. Who can benefit from the Programmes and support? 

Our Programme is designed for individual companies looking to expand their business in the UK, EU, and US.

We also collaborate with incubators and accelerators globally to support their cohorts.

2. Are all your Programmes group-based or individual-based? 

Our Programmes are tailor-made to suit your specific needs and goals. In most cases, they are conducted on a 1-1 basis to ensure that we provide personalised support to each participant. However, we also organise small curated cohorts for some Programmes. We accept groups of companies for our investor showcase and roadshows, which are scheduled on specific dates or, on demand.

3. What stage of companies do you work with? 

We concentrate on businesses in the growth phase, with a minimum turnover of £1 million. In exceptional circumstances, based on other factors, we may consider collaborating with companies at an earlier stage, but having a minimum viable product is essential.

4. What industries do you cater to? 

We are industry agnostic.

5, Are your Programmes free? 

Our solutions are customised and priced according to your particular requirements, aspirations, project specifications and deliverables,

6. Do you work on a commission or success fee basis? 

No, we don't work on commission or success fees. However, we may consider combining fixed fees with commissions or equity in some cases. Our priority is delivering value to clients and ensuring success in new markets, which requires top talent, and investment. We're transparent in our quoting process. Our solutions are fee-based, tailored to maximise value and generate measurable results. Our goal is your success, and we're dedicated to achieving it.

7. Can you help me connect with grants and funding opportunities within the UK? 

Yes, we can assist you in identifying and connecting with relevant funding opportunities and grants in the UK as part of our service. Our network of partners and investors can provide valuable insights and connections to help you secure the funding you need to grow your business.

8. How long are your Programmes? 

The duration of the Programme varies depending on your needs and ambitions. Our experts will work with you to design a Programme that is tailored to your specific needs and ambitions.

9. What kind of support do you provide to startups and scaleups? 

We provide comprehensive support to startups and scaleups including investor-readiness assessments, actionable insights, pitch battles, recommendations to improve your business in order to scale, as well as access to our network of media partners and direct investment connections.

10. What kind of results can I expect from working with you and participating in any of your Programmes? 

We have a proven track record of helping businesses connect with top-tier innovation ecosystems and investors, expanding their reach into new markets and opening healthy pipelines of leads as well as generating revenue. It's important to note that the results you achieve will depend on your commitment and willingness to work together with us while on the Programme.

11. Can companies from outside the UK participate in your Programmes? 

Yes, we welcome ventures from all over the world to work with us.. The ratio of companies in our portfolio of clients is 60% UK-based - 40% international.

12. What is the application process like? 

Simply fill out an application form or contact us and if qualified, our team will be in touch to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

12. Can companies receive funding as part of your Programmes? 

While we do not offer direct funding, our programmes are structured to facilitate startups in connecting with potential investors and securing funding for their ventures. It's important to clarify that, with the exception of the Launchsphere accelerator, all our services are fee-based.